Rethinking Packaging

Packaging—it surrounds almost everything we buy. Think about all the boxes, plastic wrap, six-pack rings, toothpaste tubes, plastic bottles, Styrofoam peanuts, and more we come across every day. Unfortunately, a lot of this packaging either ends up in the trash can or is littered. One way to be responsible is to buy things that don’t have a lot of packaging. If you do buy something with any type of packaging, then be sure to find out whether it goes into the recycling bin or the garbage can.

It’s not only people like you who think about these issues. There are businesses in the world inventing “green packaging.” This packaging is a better alternative for our environment. Here are some interesting new versions of “green packaging” being studied today:

Toothpaste pods
One billion toothpaste tubes are sent to landfills each year. One company has developed a solution: toothpaste pods. These pods (pictured above) are small enough to fit in your mouth. To brush your teeth, you just pop a pod in your mouth and it dissolves within five seconds.

Edible six-pack rings
Because they are made of plastic and don’t break down, six-pack rings can really harm ocean wildlife. Rather than making the rings out of plastic, one possibility is to make them out of used grain from breweries. The rings would break down in two to three months and wouldn’t harm wildlife. It’s a win-win situation because the breweries don’t have to pay to have the grain thrown away and the new rings are edible for wildlife!

Edible silverware
A company in India started making silverware that can disappear—either by biodegrading in five days or by being eaten by you! The utensils are made out of different kinds of flour and come in sweet, savory, or plain flavors. The company estimates that 120 billion pieces of plastic silverware are thrown away in India every year!

Check out the packaging on products you purchase and go for the minimum!

Source: Thurston County Solid Waste and WasteDive

Photo courtesy of Poppits

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