Old jeans? Be SMART!

No longer feeling the ripped jeans look? Or maybe your once favorite sweater is now looking a bit shabby? Or perhaps your closet is so full, you can’t close the door?

Whatever you do with those old jeans or that sweater, be SMART about the clothes you no longer want or need. SMART is the Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles Association. It was established in 1932 and is a recycling-based, international, nonprofit trade association comprised of used clothing, wiping material, and fiber industry companies. SMART’s slogan – “SMART was green before green was SMART” shows that reusing old textiles is not a new idea. SMART also has an education program to help promote textile recycling.

According to SMART, “85% of clothing and textiles end up in a landfill, even though 95% can be reused and recycled.” And, this graphic from the Council for Textile Recycling shows the facts of what happens to the clothes we “must have” and then no longer want. The graphic shows that the average person throws away 70 lbs of clothing per year!

Don’t be the “average” person. Instead, donate your old clothes and textiles to a local charity. Host a yard sale or invite your friends over for a clothes swapping party. Whatever you do, be SMART: don’t throw them away!

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