Help wanted: good recyclers!

Your help is wanted (and needed)!  Recycling creates new businesses that haul, process, and broker recovered materials, as well as companies that manufacture and distribute products made with these recycled materials.

You can help create these jobs by making sure you’re recycling consistently and correctly. Here are some best recycling practices to be a good recycler:

1. Capture all of your recyclables
Be sure you are recycling all the materials your community accepts for recycling. Even when you’re on the go, you can recycle. Keep a bag or container in your vehicle to collect beverage bottles, waste papers, and other recyclable items you generate throughout your day. When you return home, place them in your recycling bin.

2. Do not mix trash or other items in your recycling.
Check the list for your community and make sure you are not adding contaminants to your recyclables. Items placed in the wrong bins are considered contaminants. For instance, broken dishes, mirrors, and window glass are not accepted for recycling and contaminate other recyclables. If food spilled on a magazine or grease stained a pizza box, those items should go in the trash. These contaminants will require extra sorting and may result in the rejection of an entire load of recyclables.

3. Prepare your recyclables correctly
Empty and rinse your containers. Make sure that paper products are clean and dry. Flatten boxes.

4. Place recyclables in the proper bins and containers
If you go to a dropoff location, be sure to put material in the proper container and only the material collected at that location. If you recycle in one bin at the curb, make certain only the collected materials are in your bin and that paper and cardboard stay dry. If it is raining, put them out next time.

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