Freshen up smelly carts!

Trash, recycling, and green waste bins see their share of gunk and grime. It’s no wonder that they might start to greet you with an unpleasant smell each time you open the lid. If the smelly culprit is inside your curbside carts, here’s how to make them fresh again:

  1. Place your cart in an area that can get wet. This should be an absorbent surface, such as your yard, so that any rinse water will soak into the ground instead of running off.
  2. If you just want to give the carts a quick clean, squirt a bit of dish soap inside. For more serious odors, pour two to three cups of white vinegar into the cart.
  3. Attach an automatic shut-off spray nozzle to your hose. For best results, you want to use a small amount of water at high pressure. Spray the inside walls and then the bottom of the cart.
  4. Let the soapy water or vinegar and water solution soak in the bottom of the cart for an hour.
  5. Tip the cart over and dump out the solution onto the ground. Rinse the cart one more time with a small amount of water and then turn it upside-down to drain for a few minutes.
  6. Turn the cart right-side up. Leave the can in the sun with the lid open to dry. The sun will not only finish drying out the cart but will also kill off those last few germs and smells.

If you want a more deodorizing clean, use baking soda! Put a generous amount in the bottom of your empty cart and let sit overnight. The next morning, rinse out the cart somewhere water won’t run off and follow the steps above to allow it to dry.

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