Earth Day, Earth Day, Read All About It!

Helping children learn more about the environment this Earth Day (April 22, 2016) is as easy as giving them a book. No matter their age or interest, there’s a book out there for kids wanting to learn about or help our world!

For the shopping teenager: Get Real by Mara Rockliff. Frank and honest, Get Real explains to teenagers issues about our consumer system and how their buying power can influence the environment—hopefully for the better.

For the hopeful middle-schooler: Not Your Typical Book About the Environment by Elin Kelsey. The world is not doomed if we do something about it. Kelsey explains to young people what’s happening to the world now and how they can not only learn more about it, but can also enact positive change.

For the philanthropic bookworm: Think…Before You Throw It Away by Kelsey Rae. In this story, a little girl hears the plea of recyclables thrown in the trash and learns how important children are in changing the way we treat trash.

For the bug-obsessed preschooler: Noisy Bug Sing-Along by John Himmelman. See and hear bugs that live in our environments but rarely get to see center stage. Kids can learn which bugs make the noises they hear outside and try to imitate the sounds themselves.

For the hungry poet: What’s in the Garden? by Marianne Berkes. Rhymes give children just starting to read a chance to learn about food eaten right from the garden. Once the kids complete the short poems, recipes tell them how to make a snack including the star ingredient.

And, remember to reuse books. Here are three easy ways:

1. Give away or sell old books.
2. Buy used books.
3. Borrow books from your local library.

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