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Solid waste is not only found in our homes and at work and school. Unfortunately, it is also found on our streets and sidewalks and in public places. We have a special name for this waste: litter.

One man started a campaign called Litterati to inspire others to pick up litter, cleaning up the earth one piece at a time and using social media to motivate others to join him. According to an article by Katharine Schwab from the online San Francisco Gate, “Litterati uses Instagram to clean up the planet,” Jeff Kirschner noticed a Tidy Cats container in a creek while on a walk with his children in 2012. A week later, he spied a cigarette butt in a sidewalk crack, took a picture of it, posted it on Instagram, then picked it up and threw it away.

The article quotes Kirschner as saying, “Litter became approachable because of Instagram.” He added, “There was something cool about it. The cigarette butt was no longer disgusting but a piece of artwork.”

You can join the campaign! All you have to do is find a piece of litter (too easy, unfortunately), take a picture with Instagram and tag it with #litterati, then recycle, compost, or throw away the trash. Each post is geo-cached, so Kirschner has created a Digital Landfill that tracks where litter is found and what is found most often. Litterati’s statistics show the most commonly found materials are plastic, paper and cigarettes.

Give it a try! You’ll be cleaning up litter in a fun and artsy way while connecting with other like-minded folks on social media. See what other’s have posted on Instagram. Just search for Litterati.

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