O Christmas Tree-cycling…

…O Christmas Tree-cycling!

Have you tossed your tree out in the yard yet? The twinkling lights and decorations on the tree during the holidays bring a lot of smiles and happiness. But once the holiday is over, that tree might be looking a little tired and dried out. Fear not! The end of the holiday season may not mean the end for your tree.

In some communities, you can recycle real Christmas trees. Check with your city or town hall to find out whether there will be a tree recycling program this year. If you can recycle your tree, remember to remove all of the decorations, lights, garland, and tinsel, as well as the metal or plastic stand. In some areas, you then simply place your tree at the curb on your regular trash collection day. A separate truck will collect the trees at a different time than your regular trash and recyclables. For other areas, you may have to drop off your tree at a park or parking lot in the community for them to be picked up.

If your community doesn’t offer to collect and recycle, you can use the tree to enrich your soil. Rent a chipper and turn your Christmas tree, along with other branches and limbs, into mulch that you can use in your garden to insulate the soil and retain moisture in it.

If you buy a live tree with the roots attached, you can plant your tree in your backyard. (Remember to dig the hole before the ground is frozen.) Once the tree is planted in your yard, your family can enjoy it for many more years!

If your family uses an artificial tree, remove all of the decorations, pack up the tree carefully, and put it in the basement, garage, or attic for next year.

What plans do you have for your Christmas tree?

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