Uh-oh: lights out?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: cookies, gifts, cheery holiday cards, and lights going out on the tree! You may have already replaced a strand or two on your tree or on your house.

Did you know strands of holiday lights are recyclable? The copper inside the strand is the most valuable component. If you have non-working lights, check locally to see where they can be recycled in your community. Some stores will offer a discount coupon on new LED lights when you turn in old incandescent ones for recycling.

Try Earth911.com’s recycling locator to help find where to take them or search online for “holiday light recycling.” If you don’t have a recycling location nearby, here are a few mail-in programs:

  1. Christmas Light Source
  2. Holiday LEDs
  3. Home Depot Annual Trade-In Event (early November)

Photo credit: © iStock.com | Diane Labombarbe

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