Careful with the grease after that feast!

During the holiday season, there is a lot of cooking and that can mean a lot of grease in your kitchen. Make sure you are disposing of this cooking waste, sometimes called Fats, Oil and Grease or “FOG,” properly. As you can see in this picture, pouring warm grease and cold oil down your drain causes major clogging of the pipes in your home and in sewers that run under the streets. Ewww!

Please don’t pour grease or oil down the drain. For just a residual coating of grease and oil, wipe out pots, pans, and dishes with a paper towel and dispose of it in your trash. For more than a coating, use a funnel to pour cooled, used oil or grease into a jug or container that you can seal. Then check to see if your community has a grease recycling or collection location, or search for proper disposal options where you live.

Photo credit: © | Pradit_PH

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