When is an apple not just an apple?

Yum. It’s apple-picking season and we all love to bite into a crisp, fresh, juicy apple. But when is an apple not just an apple?

The answer is that an apple is never just an apple. It’s also the land it grew on, the water it needed to grow, the fertilizer fed to the tree, and all of the energy and oil needed to grow, harvest and perhaps transport it if it comes from a store. One of the most shocking things about wasted food is the many other natural resources that are also wasted. In its report, “Food Wastage Footprint: Impacts on Natural Resources,” the United Nations estimates that it takes 2.5 billion acres of land just to grow the food humans waste. With 50 million hungry people on the planet, that much food waste is hard to excuse.

So, before you bite into that apple, remember all the resources that were used to produce it and the rest of the bag you brought home from the orchard, farmers market, or grocery store. Make sure you don’t waste any of the natural resources that went into creating it for you! A less ripe apple still tastes delicious cooked in pies or made into applesauce.

Thanks to Thurston County Solid Waste for sharing the information in this post.

Photo credit: © iStock.com | kellyreekolibry

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