No vacation for the 3Rs

Summer is here, so it’s time to take vacations, attend picnics and have fun swimming. Make sure summer is not a time to take a vacation from reducing, reusing, and recycling! Keep up the good work you’ve been doing with a few fun summer activities:

—Try backyard composting or start a vermicomposting bin.
—Find creative and fun ways to reuse household items.
—Make crafts and gifts from recyclables.
—Search for recycled content products when you shop.

If you’re going on a trip sometime this summer, it’s important to still keep practicing the three Rs. Carry litter and recycling bags in your car, and encourage relatives and friends to do the same. This keeps trash off of the road and stops roadside litter, while making sure your recyclables are recycled.

You can also pack snacks for a trip just like you pack a waste-free lunch. Keep packaging to a minimum. Bring along reusable containers with the right amount of food for your travels. Take drinks in refillable or recyclable containers.

Finally, if you are doing a garage or basement clean-out this summer, know how to properly haul trash or recyclables on the road. If the load is exposed, like on a pickup truck, put the items in closed containers that are fastened down. You can also cover them with a tarp. Paper, plastic, and other lightweight items can easily fly out of a truck bed at highway speeds. Covering them and tying them down keeps them safely in place until you get where you’re going!

Remember, we can’t take a vacation from generating waste, so our 3Rs can’t take a vacation either!

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