Just say no to junk mail

Do you know how much junk mail you get each week? Try this. For one week, put all of the junk mail that you receive into a bag or box then count how many pieces you have. You’ll probably find that you get one to three pieces of junk mail per day per adult in your home. That can add up pretty quickly.

According to the Center for a New American Dream, the average American adult receives about 560 pieces of junk mail each year, weighing in at about 41 pounds. Almost half of this mail is never opened. That’s a lot of paper and energy wasted for something you don’t want!

Say goodbye to much of your junk mail by registering with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). The DMA is a group of businesses and organizations that send advertising mail. With the “DMAchoice” program, you can get your name off of unwanted mailing lists.  Visit DMAChoice for instructions on how to give your mailbox a makeover and find even more actions you can take to Junk Your Junk Mail from Center for a New American Dream.

Even when you sign up with DMAchoice and take additional actions to decrease your junk mail, some will still show up at your house.  Don’t forget to recycle that mail! For more about dealing with your paper waste, check out Think Before You Shred!

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