Students Recycle Caps, Then Take a Seat!

Around this time of year, most of us in the colder climes begin to dream of sitting outside on a beautiful spring day, resting on a nice bench. Indiana students from Flaget, Riley and Vigo county elementary schools can dream of sitting on benches made from the plastic caps they collected.

The schools took part in the ABC (A Bench for Caps) program. Each school collected more than 400 pounds of plastic bottle caps. With those caps, plus $200 grants from the Knox County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District, the schools received brand-new plastic-lumber benches from Green Tree Plastics in Evansville, Indiana.

By collecting caps, students could see that each small action makes a difference. The 10 or 100 caps collected by one student were combined with all of those collected by his or her classmates. Soon, there were thousands of caps—enough to make a new bench! The caps had a single use, but the benches will last for a lifetime, offering a seat to many people over the years. That’s “upcycling,” because something that is no longer needed was turned into something better! Here’s another great example of upcycling.

Thanks to Knox County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District in Indiana for sharing this story.

Photo courtesy of Green Tree Plastics

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