Roses are red, Valentines can be green!

You’re working hard to tread gently on the earth these days, so be sure to follow those same practices for Valentine’s Day this weekend. Here are a few tips to help keep your celebrations green.

Create your own Valentines for the kids’ classmates and those you love. It only takes paper, some fun heart-shaped stickers or stamps, colored pencils or crayons, and creativity to create just the right greeting for those you care about.

Give acts of service to show you are thinking of someone. We all have some “to-dos” we could complete to show someone how much we love them. Maybe it’s time to finally tap in that nail that snags coats at the front door, or replace the burned-out bulb by the back door.

Spend time together with your loved ones. How about a trip to an ice skating rink or the movies? Or maybe staying in to make popcorn and hot chocolate while playing a game together?

If you must celebrate with chocolate and flowers…Be sure to purchase local, organically-grown flowers and organic, fair-trade chocolates. And skip the big cardboard heart-shaped box. Better yet, consider a beautiful houseplant and a few homemade truffles!

For an extra-special homemade valentine, make your own recycled paper, and for more green gift ideas, read The Easiest Green Gift.

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