Think Before You Shred!

Looking at a pile of papers as you organize for the new year and wondering what to shred and what to recycle?

The American Forest and Paper Association’s Paper Recycles campaign can help. They recommend only shredding documents with sensitive information. Shredding shortens paper fibers, but recycling whole pieces keeps the fibers long, strong, and ready to be made into new paper.

Help improve recycling by putting non-sensitive papers straight into the recycling bin. Here’s their handy guide to help you decide:

– mail
– folders
– office/printed copies
– newspapers
– greeting cards
– magazines

– bank statements
– pay stubs
– investment transactions
– medical records
– pre-approved credit card applications
– tax forms
– Social Security or credit card numbers

Visit the “Paper Recycles” website to learn more about paper recycling. Then be sure to pledge to recycle more of all your waste materials.

Photo Credit: James Woodson | Digital Vision | Thinkstock

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