Recycle your holiday greenery!

Ready to take your tree down? Holiday trees and greens are only around for a few weeks, so recycling or reusing them is a great way to limit your holiday waste.

Many communities offer recycling programs for real holiday trees. Contact your city or town hall to find out whether a tree recycling program is available in your community. Some communities also accept wreaths and other real holiday greenery for recycling, so ask about that too. If you can recycle your live tree, be sure to remove all of the lights, ornaments, tinsel, and garland, and take off the metal or plastic stand. Greenery should also be bare, so please remove wire, hooks, bows, and other decorations.

The collected trees and greenery can be recycled into mulch, compost or ground cover. For more on Christmas tree recycling, visit the National Christmas Tree Association website.

Photo credit: GooDween123 | iStock | Thinkstock

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