Green-up your holiday cleanup!

As you celebrate with family and friends this holiday season, be sure to recycle all the lovely holiday cards, trimmings and boxes when their job is over. Here are some ways to help “green-up” your holiday cleanup!

Boxes and Wrapping Paper

After the presents are opened, the floor is usually littered with the wrapping paper and boxes that had carefully and thoughtfully hidden the presents inside. You can save the boxes for later use. If you aren’t saving them, or if they are torn or broken, you can recycle both gift boxes and cardboard shipping boxes. Please be sure to break down the boxes as much as possible to save space in carts, bins, and trucks.

Most wrapping paper and tissue paper are recyclable. However, foil or metallic paper is not accepted. You can save non-recyclable paper to use as packing paper or dispose of it in the trash.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards can also be recycled. However, there are some exceptions: no photo paper, no musical greeting cards, no metallic or foil paper, and no cards with ribbons, buttons, or other items attached. Musical greeting cards have a battery, so the battery should be removed and recycled with your batteries. The other cards can be put in the trash or kept to use in arts and crafts projects. As we posted in our blog earlier this month, you can also donate used holiday cards to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.

Ribbons and bows are not recyclable, but are easily stored and can be reused later. If you won’t be saving them, be sure to place them into the trash.

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