Invite the 3 R’s to your holiday party!

Hosting the family party this  year? Or maybe an open house for the neighbors? Be sure to include the 3 R’s on your guest list. That would be your good friends reduce, reuse and recycle!

First, reduce waste by using washable plates, cups, napkins and utensils instead of paper products.

Then, reuse by bringing out last year’s decorations.  You can rearrange them or place them in new spots in the house.  No one will remember what you had out last year, and it saves on expenses, too! Or decorate with other items on hand, like candles in glass jars instead of paper luminaries outside.

Make sure to save a space to recycle by your waste can, especially if you are serving drinks in bottles and cans.

You’ll find the 3 R’s to be such perfect guests, you’ll want them to stay all year long! Read more about the 3 R’s as year-round guests in Going Green — What does it mean?, Have a “Green” Father’s Day, Have a Green Halloween, Green Your Summer Picnic, and 8 Steps to a Waste-free Packed Lunch.

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