The Easiest Green Gift — Time!

The days of December are flying by, the malls are packed and you still have good friends and loved ones on your holiday gift list. The easiest, no-waste gift to share? Your time! Need some ideas? Try these.

1. Share a meal. Sure, a home-cooked one is nice, but if that’s not your thing, go out together to a favorite restaurant that allows for a leisurely meal and lots of conversation.

2. Try a winter activity. Ice skating, sledding, taking a walk on a crisp, cold day in a nearby park — all of these are fun for your outdoor-loving friends or family. And good for you, too!

3. Learn something together. Sign up yourself and a friend to take a dance or pottery class. Or maybe you both have been meaning to try yoga or improve your photography skills.

4. Go to a concert or play. If you are able to spend a bit more, buy tickets to an event you would both enjoy.

5. Combine several ideas and give certificates for multiple times to spend together throughout the year! Isn’t this a gift you would like to receive?

Check out Green Gifts for Happier Holiday for more ideas.

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