The Search is on for Recycled Products

Do you buy recycled? Recycled-content products are made from recovered materials that come from homes just like yours. Collected recyclables that are set out or dropped off are sorted and then shipped to manufacturers that used them to make new products. Those products are delivered to stores—where you can purchase them.

Recycled-content products are easy to find! On labels or packages, look for the words like “recycled,” “recycled-content,” or “post-consumer.” For instance, most food boxes are marked “100% Recycled Paperboard.” Folders and printer paper may be labeled “30% post-consumer recycled paper.”

You can find all sorts of recycled-content products. Here are some that you probably already have around your house:

— Aluminum pop and juice cans
— Appliances, like washers, dryers, and refrigerators
— Bicycles
— Cardboard boxes
— Cars
— Cereal and cracker boxes
— Glass bottles and jars
— Steel soup and fruit cans

Shopping for something that isn’t on that list? Don’t worry! Other recycled-content materials are available, but you may need to read labels to find them. Try to buy recycled products when you need:

— Backpacks
— Eye glasses
— Fleece hoodies and blankets
— Folders and other school supplies
— Garden hose and flower pots
— Greeting cards
— Jewelry
— Notebook and printer paper
— Refillable water bottles
— Reusable shopping bags
— T-shirts

To see some uncommon recycled-content products, visit:,,, and

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