Have a Green Halloween!

With costumes, decorations, candy, and parties, Halloween can be a lot of fun. But with that fun can come a lot of waste, from candy wrappers to costumes worn just once and decorations tossed after the holiday. You can keep the fun, but reduce the waste. Here are some ideas:

– After carving your masterpiece jack-o-lantern, toast your pumpkin seeds for a delicious snack and add the stringy insides to your compost pile. (After the holiday, cut your jack-o-lantern into chunks and add those to the compost pile or bin, too.)

– Reuse decorations from last year or make new ones from materials you have around the house. Old clothes can be used to create a scarecrow, cardboard can be cut out to become spooky gravestones or ghosts, and extra string or yarn scraps can create a spider web!

– Use a reusable trick-or-treat bag or bucket and store it for future Halloweens.

– If you haven’t chosen a costume yet, it’s not too late to have a costume swap with your friends. Ask everyone to bring an old costume to the trade. You can also look at thrift stores or go through your family’s old clothes for costume materials. Whatever you choose, save this year’s costume for next year, have a costume swap after Halloween, or make sure someone else uses it by giving it away.

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