Fall leaves aren’t green, but the cleanup can be!

As the temperatures start to fall, so do the color-changing leaves on your trees. And while the leaves may now be brown, red, and yellow, raking and yard cleanup can be green!

If there are just a few leaves on the lawn, mow over them, chopping them into small bits, and let them stay on the grass. If that big tree is producing a lot of leaves, rake them or pick them up with a bagging mower. Leaves can then be used as mulch in gardens or added to the compost bin.

Remember—please don’t burn fall leaves. When piles of leaves are burned, the fire can get out of control, putting people and houses in danger. Plus, burning leaves puts pollution into the air, making it harder for people to breathe.

Curious to know how composting breaks down your fall leaves? Read The Very Hungry Macroorganism.

Photo credit: © Jari Hindström | iStock | Thinkstock

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