What’s a TerraCycle Brigade?

TerraCycle is a company that was started to find ways to reuse things that generally don’t get recycled and often wind up in the trash. They call it “upcycling” because they make trash into new and better things. TerraCycle collects waste like juice pouches, potato chip bags, baby food pouches, cheese wrappers, hummus containers, pens and highlighters, and iPods/MP3 players.

The company works with schools to form different brigades (groups). Each brigade collects a different kind of package or product. Schools pick a brigade and then students bring in those packages or products from home. For example, if a school picks the drink pouch brigade, students bring in empty drink pouches. When the school has collected a large number of empty drink pouches, the pouches are shipped to TerraCycle. Schools are paid one or two cents for every drink pouch and TerraCycle turns them into pencil cases, tote bags, and backpacks. How cool is that?

Want to learn more about TerraCycle and the different brigades ? Visit them online.

Photo courtesy of TerraCycle.

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