Four Simple Steps to a Safer Home

  1. Whenever possible, use hard work instead of chemicals. If you put your arm muscles to work, a scrub brush or discarded toothbrush can do a lot of cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen. Use those arm muscles in the garden to pull weeds, too.
  2. Make your own household cleaners with baking soda, vinegar, salt, cornstarch, lemon juice, and other common products.  To find recipes, visit eartheasy or search online for “non-toxic homemade  cleaners.”
  3.  Buy the least hazardous product for every job. For instance, if you need to paint a room, choose latex paint, which is non-toxic and water-based. You’ll be able to clean your brushes and pans with water, so you won’t  so you won’t need flammable paint thinners for cleanup.
  4. Purchase only the amount you need. For jobs like painting and lawn care, know how many square feet you need to cover so that you don’t buy too much.

Photo credit © iStock | Geo-Grafika

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