Will travel for trash

A young couple, Phil Corrigan and Margaret Morales, set off on a cross-continent trip to answer the question: “Where is ‘away’?” They planned to spend a few months checking out the places where trash goes when it goes away. But spring turned into summer and summer into fall, and they are still on the road and on the trail of trash. Phil and Margaret have visited landfills, recycling facilities, and composting sites. They’ve seen what happens to electronics, batteries, and aluminum cans. And they’ve discovered artists and designers who find inspiration – and raw materials – in the trash heap.

Along the way, they’ve been “trashblogging” about all of the many places that are the “away” for our trash. You can read about Margaret and Phil’s travels at http://thetrashblog.com. If you like what you see, sign up to receive email updates. You never know what the trashbloggers will find next!

Photo courtesy of The Trash Blog.


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