A Single Cup of Joe

According to the National Coffee Association, 12% of Americans now own a single-cup coffee brewing system. Generally, the people using these systems purchase packaged and pre-measured coffee. Depending on the system, the ground coffee comes in a cup or pod that may contain multiple layers of material. As a result, most of the cups or pods end up in the trash.

Not only are cups and pods nearly impossible to recycle, but the coffee in them is also much more expensive. On a per-pound basis, the coffee in the pods or cups costs at least three times as much as a comparable coffee purchased in a large bag or can.

If you already own a single-cup brewing system, consider purchasing a refillable filter cup. You can use your own ground coffee and then empty and wash the filter for the next use. You’ll reduce your waste and save money on your coffee purchases.

If you don’t own a brewing system but like the idea of making one cup of coffee at a time, consider a single-cup French press or a pour-over coffee dripper. With these options, you’ll save money on coffee, create less waste, and also avoid the purchase of an expensive appliance that takes up counter space.

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