Coming Around Again

As we get ready to kick off a new year of Trash Talk! and “One Person’s Trash…,” I couldn’t resist the Carly Simon reference! In fact, given that we’ve just finished up the summer edition of “One Person’s Trash…,” some of you may be feeling more that we’ve “Never Been Gone.”

But indeed, the newsletters are coming around again! On Thursday, July 11, we send out the questionnaires for the fall editions.

We’ve revamped the schedule a bit to replace one of the text-only reviews with a proof (text and art in layout). When we started the newsletters 20 years ago, we communicated solely via fax and mail (yes, with stamps!). Sending a proof would have been a matter of printing and mailing a black-and-white copy. Today, we communicate via email and cloud services like DropBox. Sending a proof is as simple as saving a file to PDF (which coincidentally was born the same summer as Trash Talk!).  We think this change will help us create even more customized newsletters!

If you have questions about the new schedule or if you want to learn more about our customized newsletters, contact me!

Now, back to our summer break. I happened to be visiting Martha’s Vineyard in 1987 when Carly Simon recorded her show there. It was a cold, windy evening, and I was watching from a nearby fishing dock as she performed this version of “Coming Around Again”:

If you need a little more Carly Simon on this summer day, check out a clip from her new version of “Never Been Gone”:

Happy summer!


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