Make Your Application Shine

Elizabeth was recently asked to review entries for the SWANA 2013 Public Education Excellence Award. All of the entries highlighted excellent projects featuring the type of educational efforts we like to see happening around the United States and Canada. I (Leeann) also reviewed the entries and learned a few things about what makes an award-winning entry. Here are some tips you should follow to create a great award application.

  • Eye-catching graphics add to the quality of an application, but it is important not to rely on them. When done correctly, graphics should enhance the information presented and create a clean and pleasant presentation but not cover up for lacking information.
  • If the criteria asks a question, be sure that your submission answers it. Even amazing projects can lose points when requested information is not present.
  • Organize your entry as asked or as simply as possible. Judges prefer to have information that is easy to find, and it ensures that the entry gets credit for the details included.
  • Finally, proofread and edit your entry before submission. Grammatical errors, typos, and format issues distract from the content of your entry.

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