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China & the Evolving Economics of Recycling

Recycling — it’s economically important, environmentally essential, and continuously changing. When you choose to recycle, you are participating in an industry that provides raw materials to manufacturers in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. It is an industry that connects the economies of people around the globe. Invisible to many, the
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We Love a Good Conference!

We look foward to spending time with our clients and partners at annual conferences held around the country each year. Here are some reflections from Eco Partners staff about this year’s Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference in Indianapolis. From Margot Gibson, staff writer: Meeting all of our
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Field Trip Fun!

Eco Partners Staff Writer Margot Gibson participated in two tours during last week’s annual Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference. Here are her reflections on the things she saw and learned that day. Our first visit was to a newly constructed LEED-certified research facility, office, and gathering
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