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Three cheers for our Solid Waste Workers!

Our very essential local waste and recycling workers often put their community’s well-being above their own, but since this spring they truly are going above and beyond to keep our communities safe and clean. From drivers to material sorters, maintenance workers, facility staff, customer support
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Be safe with waste

Of 132 fatalities in the solid waste industry during 2017, 94 involved a customer or member of the public. That’s 71%! Be a partner in safety when you visit a drop-off center, transfer station, materials recovery facility, household hazardous waste center, or landfill. Here are some thoughts to keep in
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Walgreens tackles old meds

Walgreens is leading the fight against prescription drug abuse with new programs to help curb the misuse of medications and reduce the rise in overdose deaths. In the first ongoing national effort by a retailer, Walgreens has installed safe medication disposal kiosks in over 600 pharmacies across 45 states. Walgreens kiosks provide a
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