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A Heart for Service and Reuse

A former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, Veronica Marella remembers feeling sad during her morning drive to work. As she neared her post at the University of Southern California Medical Center, she would see people who were homeless sleeping on the sidewalk with nothing underneath
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A new chapter for old books

Upcycling: a form of recycling in which a discarded item is improved and transformed into something of higher value than the original; an upcycled item is reformed, reshaped, or readjusted to fit a unique purpose Have you ever wondered how an artist can take a block of marble and
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Artful Reuse

After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, Stefanie Girard began working in TV production, first in New York then in Los Angeles. Her design experience was honed building tiny models out of recycled objects for stop motion animation, such as a tiny Hollywood sign out of refrigerator letter
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