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Plastic Soup in the Ocean

How a sea captain’s chance discovery launches a determined quest to save the oceans “It was and is a thin plastic soup, a soup lightly seasoned with plastic flakes, bulked out here and there with ‘dumplings’: buoys, net clumps, floats, crates, and other ‘macro debris,’” writes Capt. Charles Moore. He was recalling
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“Foam” for the holidays? Say no!

Chances are, many of the mail-ordered gifts arriving this time of year are nestled in polystyrene foam packaging. In many communities, expanded polystyrene (referred to as EPS or Styrofoam™) is not allowed in curbside recycling carts or accepted at local dropoff locations. Why is that?
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Plastic recycling begins with you!

Today, almost all disposable water bottles and soft drink containers, as well as peanut butter, salad dressing, and shampoo containers, are made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is usually abbreviated PET or PETE. PET is designated with a #1 inside the chasing-arrows recycling symbol. This is a plastic we all come in contact with each day. In addition
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