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Put Litter in its Place

Most of us know that littering is wrong. Cigarette butts, crumpled and cracked plastic water bottles, fast food wrappers, sharp metal cans, and plastic shopping bags make a mess of neighborhoods, parks, roadsides, and streams. Wind, water, animals, and traffic move litter around, sending it down storm gutters, into fences and trees, and
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A clean city benefits everyone!

Help keep your neighborhood clean and your city healthy — for your family, for the environment, for the economy, for the community, and for future generations. For your family’s good health Maintain a clean home, yard, and city. Rats, mosquitoes, and cockroaches love to live in wet, garbage-filled areas.
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Preparing for picnics

One thing we love about summer is picnics and barbecues. While enjoying your al fresco dining and the great outdoors, don’t forget the three Rs. Here are simple tips for reducing, reusing, and recycling: Reduce • Plan ahead so that you don’t have too much food. Pitch-ins, in
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