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What to do with plastic bags and films?

Chances are, a lot of plastic film comes into your home. Film packaging includes plastic grocery, shopping, and produce bags; bread, sandwich, and food storage bags; newspaper sleeves; dry-cleaning bags; “air pillows” used to cushion shipments, bubble wrap, and Tyvek envelopes; case wraps from cases of water,
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Tire playgrounds, not tire piles

Each year, about 26% of discarded tires are ground up to create new surfaces for athletic fields, running tracks, and playgrounds or to be mixed into road asphalt. Another 62% are turned into other products or used as fuel. Overall, that’s about 88% of discarded
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Give that used container a bath!

This article and accompanying artwork are from a recent edition of Trash Talk!, our newsletter for students. It is packed with educational activities and local waste reduction and recycling information. A teacher guide accompanies each newsletter. But reminders about best practices for recycling are helpful for all
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