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Plastic Soup in the Ocean

How a sea captain’s chance discovery launches a determined quest to save the oceans “It was and is a thin plastic soup, a soup lightly seasoned with plastic flakes, bulked out here and there with ‘dumplings’: buoys, net clumps, floats, crates, and other ‘macro debris,’” writes Capt. Charles Moore. He was recalling
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China & the Evolving Economics of Recycling

Recycling — it’s economically important, environmentally essential, and continuously changing. When you choose to recycle, you are participating in an industry that provides raw materials to manufacturers in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. It is an industry that connects the economies of people around the globe. Invisible to many, the
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What to do with plastic bags and films?

Chances are, a lot of plastic film comes into your home. Film packaging includes plastic grocery, shopping, and produce bags; bread, sandwich, and food storage bags; newspaper sleeves; dry-cleaning bags; “air pillows” used to cushion shipments, bubble wrap, and Tyvek envelopes; case wraps from cases of water,
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