Way to go, Elizabeth!

We are excited to share that Elizabeth has just been recognized by the Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC) as one of 30 Recycling Rock Stars. The IRC is celebrating its 30th year as an Indiana nonprofit organization. As part of the celebration, the organization is congratulating
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The Closet Purge “Scourge”

How are your resolutions coming? If one of them involved some purging to “tidy up” around the house, please consider that thrift stores and charitable organizations often receive far more than they can actually sell or give away. This may result in some major thrift store chains throwing out more stuff than
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Spread the news!

We love working with our clients to produce customized versions of One Person’s Trash and Trash Talk! newsletters to educate and inform their communities about how to use local recycling opportunities and use them properly. But our clients also use local events to “spread the news.”
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