Thanks for protecting your neighbors, yourself, and our planet!

Wearing masks, using gloves and hand sanitizer as needed, and washing your hands help protect you, your family, and others from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, when you are discarding disposable masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes, please do so properly. Don’t litter. Don’t flush.
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Be a citizen scientist!

No matter where you live or travel, litter impacts our nation’s waterways. Using the Marine Debris Tracker, you can get involved in a massive data collection project to identify the locations and types of litter affecting all of our marine environments, including oceans, lakes, rivers,
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Three cheers for our Solid Waste Workers!

Our very essential local waste and recycling workers often put their community’s well-being above their own, but since this spring they truly are going above and beyond to keep our communities safe and clean. From drivers to material sorters, maintenance workers, facility staff, customer support
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