Walking the walk

A “lifestyle of greater intentionality and simplicity has led to personal growth and fulfilment in my everyday actions,” writes Christine Liu in her book, Sustainable Home – Practical Projects, Tips and Advice for Maintaining a More Eco-Friendly Household (White Lion Publishing, 160 pages). The book
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A tsunami of plastic headed our way?

Now we see it, we can choose to stop it! “Breaking the Plastic Wave: Top Findings for Preventing Plastic Pollution,” a report published by the Pew Charitable Trusts and SYSTEMIQ, Ltd., predicts that with “business as usual” ocean plastic pollution will triple by 2040. That
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Sustainability during a pandemic

Thanks to our friends at Costa Mesa Sanitary District for sharing these great tips. This is adapted from an article which appeared in the Fall 2020 edition of Living Green, a publication produced by Eco Partners, Inc. for Costa Mesa Sanitary District. The coronavirus (COVID-19)
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