Food Waste Is Low-Hanging Fruit

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” Remember that one? Apparently many of us don’t. Massive amounts of money, natural resources and pollution are dedicated to the production, transportation, storage, and preparation of food that is ultimately thrown away. In developing nations, most food waste
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Quality matters

Low oil prices, reduced overseas demand, and increased contamination nationwide have dampened commodity prices for recyclables. Sales of recyclables help support recycling infrastructure, traditionally covering part of the cost of collection and processing. When commodity prices are down, collection and processing costs fall more heavily
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7 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring will soon bring longer days, warmer weather, and bright flowers. What a great time for an eco-friendly cleanup. Leave nasty chemicals and stuffy air behind—follow these tips to make this year’s spring cleaning friendly towards the environment: 1. Use all-natural cleaners when possible. Most of your home
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