Hosting? You need the “Guestimator”!

Whether it’s your first year to host the big holiday gathering for family or friends, or if you’ve been hosting for years, planning for the right amount of food can be tricky. You want enough for everyone, and maybe enough to send home some yummy
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Get ready to celebrate recycling!

Each year on November 15, we celebrate America Recycles Day, a day which reminds us about the important economic and environmental benefits of recycling. Since the 1980s, the national recycling rate has steadily increased and currently sits just above 34%. In order to continue this upward trend,
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Be-leaf it!

In many parts of our beautiful country, now is the time when trees have burst into flaming color. Leaves became sparks of red, gold, and orange, and then tumbled to the ground. They dry out, and we enjoy the crispy crunch of walking through them
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