Welcome, Vic!

We are happy to introduce our new intern, Vic Roe. He will provide administrative and marketing support, as well as research assistance this summer. Vic is a rising senior at Indiana University in Bloomington with majors in Psychology and Sociology. He is a past recipient of
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Tire playgrounds, not tire piles

Each year, about 26% of discarded tires are ground up to create new surfaces for athletic fields, running tracks, and playgrounds or to be mixed into road asphalt. Another 62% are turned into other products or used as fuel. Overall, that’s about 88% of discarded
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Chart a Course for Communication

We know that communication is crucial to successful community solid waste management. But not all community leaders have training in how to communicate successfully. The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) recently surveyed members of its Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division (CEM.) Members reported that
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