Get some re-leaf!

As the evening air becomes crisp and cool, the leaves begin to turn yellow, orange, and red—and then fall to the ground. You know what that means: piles of leaves are about to form in your yard! Here are some “re-leaf” ideas that will reuse
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Your role in the global market

The materials you place in the recycling cart can become part of new goods instead of wasting landfill space or littering our environment. Your bottles, cans, and mixed paper become commodities in a global marketplace for raw materials. Just as the prices for agricultural commodities,
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The change of seasons can cause us to look into the closet and think, “I want something new.” However, “new” doesn’t have to mean “brand-new,” instead it could mean “new-to-you.” Often what we want is just something different — buying secondhand is a way to
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