Recycle Wherever You Go!

It is great to recycle at home, but just as important to recycle while on the go. Do you look for recycling bins while traveling or when out and about?

Our Trash Talk! Travelers, Dean and Karen Smith, always do! This summer, they traveled to Alaska and checked out local recycling efforts while they were there.

A former solid waste management district director in Indiana, Dean and his wife Karen have traveled widely since he retired. They make a point to seek out local recycling programs on their travels. On each trip, they take a photo while wearing one of our Trash Talk! polo shirts. Dean is pictured here by paper and recycling bins in Copper Center, Alaska.

Make a point to seek out recycling bins when you are on the go, too! Earth 911 has a video or tips to view and a handy list of five suggestions for recycling on the go:

  1. Bring Snacks and Water in Reusable Containers–no need to recycle these!
  2. Bring Bags to Collect Recyclables
  3. Stay in a Hotel with Recycling Services (when staying overnight)
  4. Recycle with Your Friends and Family in their homes
  5. Create or Expand Your Workplace Recycling Program

For more ideas for recycle on the go, check out the EPA’s resource and these suggestions from the plastics industry.

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