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As 2018 gets under way, many of us will be making resolutions for the new year. Those might include exercising more, eating healthier, or spending less. For exercise and diet, we’ll leave the tips to others. But, if your goal is to spend less money and reduce waste, we have some ideas that will help you do both…and make your refilled mug smile!

Buy Less: This may seem like the obvious one, but put a little more thought into it. Before buying something, ask yourself two questions: “Do I really need this?” and “Do I already have something that would serve the same purpose?”

Borrow More: Before you buy something that you won’t use often, look for somewhere you can borrow it. Get books, movies, and magazines from friends and family or the library. Share yard tools with a neighbor. Rental stores will loan you tools and equipment for a fee so you have what you need when you need it. Why store and maintain something you only need once?

Select Secondhand: When you need something new — whether it is clothes or a couch — consider something gently used and new-to-you. Look for used goods in secondhand, thrift, or consignment stores. You’ll receive a significant discount off the original price and many items are like new.

Think Reusable: Take reusable bags into the grocery, hardware, and drug store every single time you shop. Keep clean reusable bags in your car. Set them on top of your purse or next to your child’s car seat so you’ll see them before you head into the store.

Refill Mugs and Bottles: Always carry a water bottle or coffee mug with you. Most places will be happy to fill your bottle or mug instead of giving you a disposable cup.

Ditch Disposables: Avoid buying bottled water. Use cloth napkins, towels, and rags in your home. Eat meals on dishes, not paper or plastic plates and bowls.

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