New Year–New Uses for Old Things!

Still need a New Year’s Resolution? How about thinking of more ways to reuse what you already have. There are many creative ways to reuse items before recycling or throwing them away.

Here are seven tips to get you started:

  1. Mend torn clothing and fix broken toys.
  2. Find new uses for things you have finished using. For example, shoe boxes are good containers for your collections. Empty dip and spread tubs are great for holding small building block parts or craft supplies.
  3. Wash and reuse water bottles, lunch bags, and snack containers.
  4. Borrow instead of buying things you will only use once, like videos, books, and games.
  5. Trade toys, books, and games with friends to share and enjoy. (Be sure to make sure it is OK with your parents first.)
  6. Give away or sell usable clothes, furniture, books, sporting goods, and anything else you don’t need. Someone else might love to have it!
  7. Buy used items whenever possible. You will save money while you help the environment. There are many shops and online sites that sell used items.

Photo credit © | Alex Belomlinsky

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