Aging Appliances?

One day, the humming coming from your refrigerator might suddenly stop. The dryer might refuse to dry, and the washer may leave your clothes soapy or sopping wet.

Most large appliances don’t last longer than 20 years. While there’s always an exception, these machines do have a finite lifespan. So when the humming dies down and you find your frozen food a little on the warm side, it’s probably time to repair or replace your appliance.

If your family replaces an older appliance that still works, give it a second chance with a new family. You could trade it in, sell it at a garage sale, or donate it to a local charitable organization. But if you have an old appliance that simply doesn’t do its job anymore, recycle it! For more information on appliance recycling, visit Earth 911. To find a recycling location near you, search on the web for “appliance recycling locations” in your area or check with your retailer when purchasing a new appliance to see if they will recycle your used appliance.

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