Saving The Day with Toilet Paper?

There are lots of ways to help close the recycling loop and one product we use everyday can make a big difference. If every family in the United States used one roll of 100% recycled-content toilet paper (made from recycled paper) instead of a roll made from natural resources (trees), we would save 448,000 trees, over a million cubic feet of landfill space, and 161 million gallons of water. All that from everyone switching just a single roll! So think of what a difference using 100% recycled-content toilet paper can make over the course of a whole year!

Recycled paper, bottles, and other items, like cardboard and cans, can be changed into something new. In 2012, Americans provided 130.58 million pounds of recyclable paper, cardboard, and paper containers to factories. All of that recycled material becomes new products. Buying recycled products, such as toilet paper and paper towels made from recovered paper or hoodies made from old plastic bottles, keeps the “cycle” moving!

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