How Many PET Bottles Does It Take To…

Ok, this is not the punch line to a joke about screwing in a light bulb. But it is about how many plastic bottles are used to make a new product.

The plastic bottles with a #1 on the bottom are made from PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. Try saying that five times fast! You probably already know that PET bottles, which include water and soda bottles, can be recycled. But do you know how many 20-ounce PET bottles it takes to create some popular items?

Do these take more or less than you thought they would?

— Puffy filling (called fiberfill) for a ski jacket – 14 bottles
— One extra-large T-shirt or one square foot of carpet – 19 bottles
— A sweater – 63 bottles
— Fiberfill for a sleeping bag – 114 bottles

So next time you toss your water or soft drink bottle into a recycling bin, think about what it may become next, then look for items like those above with recycled content when you shop. That’s how you help to close the recycling loop!

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