Put Food Scraps to Good Use

So, you have packed a waste-free lunch or tried to eat all that’s on your plate, but still might have a few leftovers or a banana peel or other food scraps that can’t be eaten.  What to do?

If your food waste goes into the garbage, it’s bound for a landfill. But there’s a better place for your leftover peas and carrots.

Collecting food scraps is easy. Keep a special container in your kitchen to collect food items, then empty it into your compost collection cart if your community provides this service.  Or, if you don’t have a cart, consider starting a backyard compost pile or buying a compost bin to use at  home.

The EPA has easy instructions for home composting. Or HGTV has ideas specific to composting food scraps.

To learn more about food waste, check out Food, Glorious Food and Food for Thought.

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